The problem, how to make a fast, fresh gourmet dish that’s great every time.  The answer, a little thing we like to call the Steamroller Grill.

The Steamroller Grill machine is  pretty cool to watch in action but it’s not just an entertaining gimmick.  It’s a unique, patented machine that cooks every meal perfectly, every time with just the push of a button.   

It’s part of a system of recipes and cooking we’ve perfected through a little bit of art, a little bit of science and a ton of time in the test kitchen. 

We work with professional food designers to make different dishes around a common set of ingredients then make them unique by pairing them with different bases, spices, and sauces. We then calibrate those dishes to the unique cooking properties of the machine with instructions and tools for precisely controlling the amount of each ingredient at production time.

The result is wide variety of gourmet menu items that just about anyone can prepare perfectly.